Pure botanical formula

Elixir-Bar with Alchemy Studio, and Laboratory in Los Angeles. 


Our Elixirs are aligned with alchemy elements to create

Neuro-tonics that empower and awaken.


Pure and Simple, non synthetic botanical formula.


Each elixir radiates at a unique vibration to transform your DNA and energy. 


DNA Activation is a spiritual awakening process focusing on activating the multidimensional DNA codex to awaken your highest potential.


Our Elixirs have been attuned with 432Hz frequencies transmitting our unique sound imprint. 432Hz the heartbeat of the planet, healing and miracle tone, Verdi's A. 

DNA Energy 

We have 2 strands of DNA in 46 chromosomes, when we activate DNA the phantom strands, this gives the appearance of 12 Strands, and hundreds more to the trained intuitive observer.


DNA Activation allows us to empower and awaken creativity and survive the environmental poisons created by man, and accelerate our galactic human senses.


DNA Activation evolves and awakens dormant parts of our cosmic cellular memory, becoming part of the quantum movement for recovering optimal integrity with metaphysical science through 432Hz tuning, removing blocks, balancing the chakra system and 5th Dimensional light body and earth’s collective consciousness.


Activate your DNA



 Elixir-Bar Worldwide, was founded in 2014 with the vision of alchemy to provide the highest quality

botanical medicines and nourishing tonics.


Our Elixirs are created after careful study of the plant’s properties, suitable extraction techniques

are developed to reflect the full spectrum of the plant’s constituents and essences.


Our Elixir-Bar range contains super botanical ingredients, mindfully elaborated to invoke a unique state of mind

- such as an uplifted mood, sensual, relaxed, activated and free-flowing energy with the Chakra elixirs.


 Our Alchemist includes expansion and the cultivation of selected botanicals in Los Angeles. 


Our Elixirs are co-created with our Founder a Professional Alchemist specialising in Botanical Medicine, Metaphysics and Spiritual intelligence

alongside, Neuropaths Mixologists and Neuro Scientists. All Members of the British Herbal Medical Association, BHMA

and IPHM. International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. Registered under iDNA Detect and FDA Supplement Marketing.


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