Elixir-Bar - natural, fun and versatile, featured at our Exclusive events, Retreats, Art Exhibits, Clubs, Bars & Festivals

 in London, Ibiza, Tulum, Miami and Los Angeles.




PHuturistic-Art, 3D/4D and Kinetic Art.

Elixir Bar synchronises the events Astrology Natal chart to the Elixir formulation.

Energetic and potenised Crystal water Elixirs lift vibrations, expand vision and create Art-Aura's. 


 PHuturist-Mind Innovative retreats for the modern.

Integrating our Chakra Elixir range, and Astro elixirs within our PHuturist-mind retreats and ceremonies.

Through self empowerment we find a new healing paradigm. Our Elixirs initiate DNA repair to provide permanent changes.

Strengthen true life force energy and create positive transformations spiritually, emotionally and physically. 


PHuture-Club events introduce the Activate elixir 

to Induce empathy & imagination, stimulating Audio and art visual reception to increase an organic elation.

Phuturistic channelled hypersonic audio frequencies lift the energy vibration, to delve deep,

inspire your soul and transport you to a Higher Level of Consciousness.





January 2020, PPP Hotel, Tulum

December 2019 Art Basel Miami 

November 2019 Anahata Healing Retreat, Ojai

October 2019 SolFood Day-Retreat West Hollywood


September 2019 Wild As the Moon, De Martktantine, Amsterdam


August 2019 Equinox Experience, Los Angeles

April 2019 Coachella Music & Arts Festival, Palm Springs, USA 

24th January 2019 LA ArtShow After-Hours,  Los Angeles 

14th April 2018 - Coachella, Charlie XCX Nylon Magazine, Palm Springs 

13th April 2018 - Coachella, Control Alt Enter, Palm Springs 

January 11th 2018 - LA ArtShow After Hours, Pacific Design centre, LA 


January 4th &9th 2018 - Mayan Warriors, Papaya Playa Project, Tulum, Mexico


14th December 2017 - Star Wars Art premier, Pacific Design Centre, LA


August 5th 2017 -  Sacred Cacao & Crystal ceremony - SweatTheory, Hollywood 


April 2017 - Elixir-Bar - Core Collective SBE Compound, Coachella Palm Springs 


January 13th 2017 - LA Art Show official after hours - Paley NeueHouse, Hollywood 


November 4th  2016  - Elixir-Bar x Tranarchy - Super Future Studio's, DTLA​

October / September - PHuturistic-Art x Elixir-Bar - Silver Odyssey Studio's Hollywood 


December 2015 - Private Xmas party - Shoreditch, East London 


August 2015 - Fit to Feast - Venice, Los Angeles

12-19 September 2015 - Cult Workout retreat - Ibiza 

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