Astro Elixir

Astro Elixir

Bespoke natal chart and personalised Alchemy Elixir

Our bespoke Astro Elixirs are insightful and rejuvenating, created by our Alchemist and Astrologist. The personalised natal chart and narrative is produced which gives an insight on personality, lifestyle, planetary and elemental influences. Our botanicals, crystals, tinctures, are then aligned through herbal alchemy preparations and used in the Elixir.

The main focus of the Chart and the Elixir duo is to counter-balance any overpowering traits or influences and to create a balanced energy and Auric field.
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    Ingredients are all 100% natural botanicals, crystals and alchemy elements. Natural Manuka honey preservative.

    3 Astro Elixirs + bespoke natal chart

    40 ml bottle