Elixir Month's course

A months supply for transformative and Life changing results.


The Elixirs are beautiful & powerful 20ml alchemy shots, 3 types are considered and uniquely tailored to your lifestyle and transformation-healing requirements, a combination of Elixir's are taken daily in the months course. 
  • Oxygen | Aphrodisiac | Activate 
  • Non Synthetic | Non Alcoholic | Neuro-tonics | Vegan | Fresh | Pure | DNA Activated | Sound Tuned 432 Hz |
Our Elixirs are super versatile miracle product's. 
Anti-Aging: Oxygen, Mineral and Botanical and Nootropic ingredients
Fitness: Campaign's with Equinox Health Club  *the Oxygen Elixirs have proven to contribute to an Athletic heartbeat 
Health: Our Oxygen Elixirs are proving a preventative and natural-cure for Covid-19 with reports on the WHO and 41% of patients recovering after Oxygen supplementation in China.