Our Activate Elixir to induce empathy and Imagination.


New to clubs, our Activate Elixir has been mixed in energetic alighment with potenised Crystal water attuned with

432Hz sound waves to activate and repair DNA at a cellular level. To activate DNA is to employ a process of spiritual awakening,

obtain full realization, spiritual ascension, awareness around the mind, body and spirit.



Our Aphrodisiac Elixir brings you the power of now to expand consciousness. 
Admired spiritually and philosophically by the ancient Egyptian cultures, the exotic Blue Lily extract was traditionally
used in medicinal rituals to increase memory, create feelings of well-being, purity to the heart, return of happiness, and innocence. 
Blue lily is loaded with phytosterols, bioflavonoids and phosphodiesterase, and one of the greatest health tonics ever found.


Oxygen is universal energy.


 Our Oxygen elixir contains chlorophyll, Blue algae and natural liquid mineral Oxygen, purifying cells, tissues, and DNA,

super Anti-aging, magnifying the body’s ability to heal itself, amplifying nutrients in your system.

Increasing the level of oxygen in the blood leads to an increase of energy, alkalinising the body, preventing damage to DNA

and decreases the negative effects of toxic substances. Equinox equafit results, show Oxygen elixirs, over 2 years 2017 v 2019,

contribute to an athletic heartbeat 58 BPM and low blood pressure. 


Our bespoke Astrology natal chart and Elixir Duo


Aligned through Alchemy elements, our botanicals, crystals and tinctures are 

personalised to your astrology natal chart and blended to create the Elixir. The main focus of the Astro-Elixir duo is to counter-balance

any overpowering astrological planetary traits or influences and to create a balanced energy and Auric field. 



Our Chakra Elixirs have been aligned to the energy portals within the body


Botanical and Non synthetic energetic formulas, aligned through alchemy elements with seven individual chakra elixirs in the series. 

Our Chakra Elixirs radiate a unique vibration with potenised crystal water and colour spectrum to stimulate each chakra. 

                                                      Pure and simple Neurotonics to empower and transform energy.



Naturally sourced botanical ingredients

Non synthetic. Non Alcoholic 

No Animal testing

Recyclable Glass bottles.

All our products contain 100% natural ingredients, Crystals and Alchemy elements.

Natural Manuka honey preservatives, Fresh product. Air tight pressure sealed for protection.

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